Curriculum Vitae

Selected Performances:

Upcoming:  2018 – Three Cro(w)nes Close the Gallery, performance/dance collaboration with Margaret Dragu (Van.) and Johanna Householder (Toronto), commissioned by AGGV, Victoria, BC.

Ongoing Open Actions – a performance collective that does monthly, randomly chosen, situational street actions.  84 actions between June, 2010 and September, 2017.

June 2017 – Guns ‘n Glutes, off-site performance with 7 dancers, Macaulay Pt., Esquimalt, BC. One of three off-site, site-specific performance pieces commissioned by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Along with Margaret Dragu’s Walking the Tweed Curtain’, in Oak Bay, BC and Johanna Householder’s Swan Lake performance. In Saanich, BC.

Mar. 2017 – Bearing Witness; Performances by Six Artists who work with Media and Performance, Flux Media Gallery, Victoria, BC.

Jan. 2017  – Open Action Photo Archive Exhibition/live performance; Fifty Fifty Art Collective, Victoria, BC.

Sept. 2016 – Open Action participation in Same Difference, Equinox to Equinox: A Global Performance Art Day.

Sept. 2014 – RIAP 2014: La Rencontre Internationale D’Art Performance de Quebec; untitled 30 min. performance, Inter-Lieu, Quebec City.

Sept. 2013 – Group Performance to close Tanya Doody’s Impression Formation Exhibition at Open Space ARC, Victoria, BC, (with Vest and Page).

July 2013 – Street actions/interventions in Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Venice.

Sept. 2011 – LIVE 2011! Vancouver Performance Art Biennial; Chaos Project, Vancouver, BC, 4-hour collaborative situational street performance with Sinead O’Donnell (NI), Margaret Dragu (Van.) and Grace Salez (Vic.).

Feb. 2010 – FREEFALLING; Chaos Project, Bbeyond, Belfast, N. Ireland, 10 Canadian artists; Sylvette Babin, John G. Boehme, Shannon Cochrane, Paul Coulliard, Rachel Echenberg, Johanna Householder, Ed Johnson, Irene Laughlin, Tanya Mars.

June 2008 – THREE STREET ACTIONS, performance actions in public spaces, City of Victoria ‘Artists First’ Series, Victoria, BC.

Oct. 2006 – SOLO ACTION; LIVE ART NITELY 2: TIME PIECES, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC. (With Alastair McLennan, UK, Marilyn Arsem, USA)

Feb. 2004 – UNTITLED; RAW Festival, Performance Action, UVIC, Victoria, BC.

Nov. 2003 – P.E.R. (Teacher), LIVE: Performance Art Biennal, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC. Collaboration with John G. Boehme.

Nov. 2003 – P.E.R. (Teacher), STUPEFACTION: Performative Series, Open Space, Victoria, BC. Collaboration with John G. Boehme. (With Black Market)

July 2002 – TOPAZ, Drive-by performance, Topaz Park Soccer Field, Victoria, BC.

Feb. 2002 – MAPPING THE GAP, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC.

Sept. 2000 – MAPPING THE GAP, Task/Object/Task Festival, Open Space, Victoria, BC. (With Joelle Ciona, Vancouver, BC and Dan McKeregan, N.Y.C.)

Selected Video Screenings & Installations:

June, 2017 – LIMINAL VISIBILITY: Choreography Meets Performance on Video. MediaNet and the AGGV present works by Margaret Dragu, Johanna Householder and Judith Price spanning a period of 30 years. Victoria, BC.

Oct. 2015 – BIALY; 16mm digitized film, Antimatter Film Festival; international independent short films, Victoria, BC.

April 2015 – BIALY; 16mm digitized film, MediaNet Analogue Workshop, screened at Open Space, Victoria, BC.

Aug. 2014 – ELINOR; Integrate Arts Festival, screening at Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC

July, 2012 – MAGICLAB PROJECT; video installation at Open Space in conjunction with MediaNet, Victoria, BC.

May, 2011 – ELINOR; Sense of Place Project, outdoor video installation, Victoria, BC

Oct. 2010 – ELINOR; Antimatter Film Festival; international independent short films, Victoria, BC

Jan. 2010 – DIY; The Engaged Video Body, 3 channel video installation, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC

April 2009 – ELINOR; MediaNet film screening, Assume Nothing: New Social Practice, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC. In response to Harrell Fletcher’s ‘Some People’ project.

Nov. 2008 – DIY (Part 1); video installation, Edges Showcase of Media Arts, Victoria, BC

April 2007 – VERTIGRIS and REMAINING/SOMEPLACE; Memories and Dreams, Edges Film Festival, Victoria, BC

Jan. 2006 – VERTIGRIS; video installation, Active Practice, faculty exhibition, Maltwood Gallery, Victoria, BC.

July 2001 – REMAINING/SOMEPLACE, video installation, To Remain At A Distance, group exhibition, Open Space, Victoria, BC.

Oct. 1999 – SPEAKING IN TONGUES, Performing Generations, Internet video installation, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC.

Sept. 1997 – STILL LIFE, video installation, Open Space, Victoria, BC.

Oct. 1996 – STILL LIFE, video installation, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC.


1988 – M.F.A., Studio Fine Arts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

1985 – B.F.A., Studio Fine Arts, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC


2009 – Canada Council Travel Grant

2008 – Artists First Grant, City of Victoria

1997 – Canada Council Short Term “B” Grant

1987 – University Graduate Studies Summer Fellowship, U.B.C.

1986-1987 – Hugo A. Melicke Graduate Fellowship, U.B.C


Mar. 2017 – Influx Magazine: Writings on Media Art, Bearing Witness; Media Art and Performance, published by MediaNet, Victoria, BC.

2014 – RIAP 2014: Performances/Conferences, published by Rencontre Internationale D’Art Performance, Quebec Ville

2012 – Crossing Channels: Essays on Contemporary Media Art in British Columbia, published by MediaNet, Victoria, BC.

2010 – CHAOS Project, Belfast; book to be published by Bbeyond, Belfast Northern Ireland.

Jan. 2006 – Active Practice; Catalogue published by Camosun College and Island Blueprint, Victoria, BC.

Nov. 2003 – Live: Performance Biennal; Catalogue published by Live.

Nov. 2003 – Stupefaction: Performative Series; Monograph published by Open Space, Victoria, BC.

Nov. 2002 – Live At The End Of The Century: Aspects Of Performance Art In Vancouver; Publisher, Visible Arts Society and Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC.

Sept.1999 – Performing Generations: Classic And Contemporary Perfomative Video; Monograph published by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC.

Nov. 1993 – Artropolis 93: Public Art And Art About Public Issues; Catalogue, 1st Edition, publisher, Artropolis 93 Society, Vancouver, BC.

Oct. 1992 – The October Project: Open Space’s 20 Years; Catalogue, publisher, Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, BC.

June 1992 – The Art That Won’t Stand Still; Monday Magazine, Vol.18, #22, Victoria, BC.

1991 – Performance Au-In Canada, 1970 – 1990; Editions Intervention, Quebec. Publisher, Coach House Press, Toronto, Ont.


2014 – Participant in ongoing ‘Dancing Backwards’ project, Victoria, BC.

Feb.2013-2014 – Officially Bilingual; Open Space, Victoria, BC. Co-curated with John G. Boehme. Quebequois artists Richard Martel, Julie Andree T. (2013), and Sylvette Babin, Rachel Echenberg, (2014) bring their work to Victoria performance events.

Sept. 2010 – The Chaos Project, Open Space, Victoria, BC. Co-curator with Sinead O’Donnell and John G. Boehme. A Canada / N. Ireland exchange of performance artists.

June 2008 – The Engaged Body; conducted workshop on performative video, sponsored by MediaNet Film and Video Collective, Victoria, BC.

Feb. 2007 – Open-Ended: Conversations About Art Practice, Open Space, Victoria BC.  Presented by Open Space, Media Net and CFUV 101.9 FM.