Elinor, 2010


Elinor: Sense of Place Project; outdoor installation, 2011, Victoria,BC.

Antimatter Film Festival; international indie short films, Victoria, 2010.

MediaNet film screening, Assume Nothing: New Social Practice, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 2009. In response to Harrell Fletcher’s ‘Some People’ project.

What happens when our bodies are unable to support our participation in life as they’ve always done? I’ve watched my 94-year old mother, as she gets frailer, less mobile and less secure, pull back from engagement in her world. Her footprints have almost disappeared from her neighbourhood, from all her daily haunts; she has become an observer rather than a participant. For the rest of us the world goes on. The places that she used to spend time in aren’t empty; I see them as uninhabited by her. Except for the beauty salon. Her memories are layered but intact. She, as an individual hasn’t faded away but her physical presence in the world is reduced.

Elinor is a 16mm film that was developed (by my friend Scott Amos) in a bucket, projected in negative format onto a screen, then videotaped and digitally edited. The film’s structure mirrors its subject – absences, empty spaces, interrupted and fragmented images/memories – all viewed from a distance. The only voice heard is my mother’s.


Elinor from Judith Price on Vimeo.