Remaining/Someplace 2001


Someplace from Judith Price on Vimeo.

Someplace: To Remain at a Distance exhibition, Open Space, Victoria, BC, 2001. This piece is half of ‘Remaining/Someplace’, a two-channel video installation than began as a collaborative site-specific performance on top of a downtown parkade. The theme is of people arriving at their chosen destination, only to miss their desired human connections. For the exhibition, I made a six-minute digital video from the performance documentation, and co-created a sound track with musician Mario Milat.

Remaining: This piece is the other half of the two-channel video installation, ‘Remaining/Someplace’. It describes a person’s efforts to reach a chosen destination, trying all possible routes, only to be constantly bounced from one road to another, only ever getting partway, never reaching the destination. Soundscape by Mario Milat.