Judith Price has maintained a transdisciplinary art practice for over 25 years since attending the University of British Columbia. (MFA1988). Her body of work includes performance pieces, performative videos, video installations, site-specific installations and short films. She merges parallel backgrounds in visual arts and modern dance to explore non-verbal physical and gestural language as tools of communication and intervention. Price is interested in creating liminal spaces through performance; interstices within which an event can move and shift in unexpected patterns of communication. She has participated in exhibitions, performance festivals, screenings, and symposiums and has both participated in and conducted workshops (most recently on performative video).  The British Columbia Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the City of Victoria have funded her works and they have been shown nationally and internationally. Born in Winnipeg, Price now lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island where she teaches post-secondary courses in time-based art (performance, video, film) and visual culture. After meeting the BBeyond group in Belfast, she and John G. Boehme initiated Open Action, a loose-knit collective who have been doing monthly performances in Victoria since 2010.

Judith Price Performance and Visual Art and Education